About Svetlana


Svetlana grew up in a remote mountain village in eastern Siberia. She is a member of the Nanai tribe, an indigenous group of about 2,000 people who live along the Amur River. The Nanai women are masters at making garments from salmon skin, such as this hand-sewn salmon-skin vest Svetlana is wearing at right.

Svetlana studied modern fashion design and garment fabrication at the Institute for Design in the Russian Far East. After graduation, she worked for 20 years creating custom clothing for women.

She moved to Alaska in 1995. Four years later, she moved to Yarmouth, Maine and opened her studio.

Because of her professional training, Svetlana can work without patterns. Rather than create a muslin mock-up, she begins by working directly on fabrics, saving time and reducing the number of fittings with clients.

Come to Svetlana with an idea or image. She will translate the concept to best fit your style and your body. She will also help you choose fabrics for your project. She has a selection of fine fabrics in her shop and also many samples.

Svetland - Maine Custom Clothing Designer